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Specialized Services

There's more to your project than lifting, and there's more to TAPCO too. From hauling to fabrication to storage and more, click to find out.


In today’s environment, access to effective crane and rigging services is just the start for our clients with heavy lifting needs. Many are looking for a top-safety rated resource they can trust to be reliable and efficient in specialized services including machinery moving and warehousing, millwright, steel fabrication and welding, as well as in hydraulic and conventional crane and crane erection work. For over 20 years our clients have returned, job after job, pleased with the results they see and the service they receive at every level of the TAPCO Crane & Rigging team—we’d like to prove we can earn your trust, too. Please give us a call at 1.800.352.2277 or request a quote, today.


“It was a great treat to work with such a dedicated crew that?all exceeded my expectations…They were very professional and organized. Their attitudes were excellent under the tough conditions they had to work in. Safety was always first and foremost.”

—CSM Group